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The esports industry has established itself as a juggernaut in entertainment in recent years. In 2020, global esports revenues totaled $947.1 million. It is expected to reach $1.08 billion in revenue during 2021, a whopping 14.5% year-to-year increase. Eyes on esports continue to grow as the global esports audience will grow to 474 million people at the end of 2021. Event viewership records also peaked at 5.4 million concurrent viewers. Colleges across the United States have also recognized the prevalence of esports. Hundreds of collegiate esports programs offer full-ride scholarships and compete for national championships.

Esports offer much more than the thrill of competition to players. Games actively require team coordination and decision-making. This develops strong communications skills in students to play effectively. Esports provides a strong, inclusive community where students meet others with similar interests. Students can combine their passion for esports with viable career paths. Specialties like engineering, game design, business operations, content production, physical training, and more all exist in the ever-growing world of esports.