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  1. Senior night for football will be Friday, Oct. 25th vs. Valley City

    Senior night for volleyball will be Monday, Oct. 28th vs. Griggs CC

    Recognition of Homecoming court from Hillsboro and CV will be on Tuesday, Oct. 22nd in CV before the start of the varsity volleyball match.

    XC team recognition will be Saturday, Nov. 2nd for FB play-offs . This will be done at halftime of the game.

    Monday 10/21
    1. JH FB vs. Valley City at Hillsboro 5:00/6:00
    2. JV FB at Valley City 5:30 Leave at 3:00 from HEC. Dismiss at 2:50
    3. C/JV/V VB at Cavalier 5:00/6:00/7:15 Leave at 2:00 from HHS. Dismiss at 1:50
    4. JH VB practice at HEC
    5. XC practice at HEC

    Tuesday 12/22
    1. 7th/8th VB vs. Larimore at CV 4:00/5:00 Leave at 3:00 from HHS. Dismiss at 2:50 (C team goes on JH bus)
    2. C/JV/V VB vs. Larimore at CV 5:00/6:00/7:15 JV/V leave at 4:30 from HEC
    3. XC practice at HEC
    4. FB practice at HEC

    Wednesday 10/23
    1. JH VB practice at HHS
    2. HS VB practice at HEC
    3. FB practice at HEC
    4. XC practice at HEC