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Spring Award’s Night on Sunday, June 2nd. 7:30 PM at HEC

Wednesday 5/15

  1. Girls golf at Maple River 10:00 Leave at 8:00
  2. Track practice at HEC
  3. HS baseball practice at Hillsboro
  4. JH baseball practice at Reynolds
  5. Softball practice at fields
  6. Boys golf practice

Thursday 5/16

  1. Boys golf at Mayville 10:00 Leave at 8:30 from HHS
  2. JH baseball vs. FSHP at Reynolds 4:30 Leave right after school from HHS
  3. JV baseball vs. HN at Hatton 5:00 Leave right after school from baseball field
  4. Track practice at Hillsboro
  5. HS baseball practice at Hillsboro
  6. Girls golf practice

Friday 5/17

  1. Region Track at Larimore 2:00 Leave at 11:15 from HEC
  2. JH/JV golf meet at Hillsboro 10:00 Dismiss at 9:00 AM
  3. HS Baseball practice at Hillsboro
  4. Softball practice at Hillsboro
  5. Golf practice

Saturday 5/18

  1. Region Boys golf at Carrington 10:00 AM Leave at 7:00 AM from HHS
  2. Region baseball vs. FSHP at Mayville State 10:30 AM
  3. Region softball vs. Grafton at Thompson 4:00