Sadie Gallagher

Parents: Pat and Amy Gallagher

Nominated by Mrs Strand - Sadie Gallagher has been helpful in 8th-grade FACS. She is always prepared and focused, and her willingness to help any of her peers when she can is so appreciated. She is a shining example of integrity and positivity. Her ability to forge her own path and be her own person are qualities that set a standard of excellence in class.

Activities/Hobbies: I’m in Volleyball, Basketball and Track. I like to hang out with my friends, and I like to go on runs in the summer.

Future Plans: My future goal is to go to college to be an orthodontist, and hope to have a family in the future.

Carson Kozojed

Parents: Tim and Mia Kozojed
Nominated By Mr. Owens - Carson is an excellent student. He always brings his best to the table and provides excellent work. Carson works hard on the gridiron and on the mat. His skills have grown, and I suspect that he will be a standout in both the classroom and the field in the future.

Activities/Hobbies Sports, learning about technology, and learning about real world problems and how to fix them.
Future Plans: I plan to go to NDSU and get a degree in engineering
Greggy Garza

Parents: Greg and Sheri Garza
Nominated by - Mr. Reese - Gregorio Garza has shown others the right way to do things and is a role model for students. Even when he has done something wrong or incorrect and does not offer a proper course, he always comes back and apologizes and tries to fix the mistakes that he has made. He works hard in the classroom and always tries his best, and willing to help others.
Activities/Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Cruising around with friends and spending time with family.

Future Plans: Not 100% sure of what I want to go for but I do want to go to college and have a good paying job. Maybe something in the trades.
Tatum Miller

Parents: Darrel and Julie Miller

Nominated By: Mr. Reese - Tatum Miller is not the student out in front, and you wouldn’t see him as a leader, but he is one. He is the type that stands back and will help others in the background; it could work on something in the shop or helping out a classmate with their homework. He is willing to do anything for anyone, never complains about it, and gets the task, job, or work completed.

Activities/Hobbies Hunting, planting food plots, snowmobiling, riding four wheeler, mowing lawns and working on my pickup.
Future Plans: To either go to NDSCS or Northland community and Tech for Electrical. I plan to work for my brother Gannon once he gets on his own.
Amy Nielsen

Parents: Ryan and Jessica Nielsen

Nominated By:  Mr. Morehart - Amy Nielsen is a joy to have in class. Her work ethic and attitude are infectious. She is a positive leader in her class. Amy's approach to school is top-notch.

Activities/Hobbies Playing Golf, hanging out with friends, watching Sprint Car races.
Future Plans: Go to UND, become an optometrist, race a sprint car and adopt a monkey.
Zander Dovenmuehler

Parents: Rachel and Jesse Dovenmuehler

Nominated by Mr. Morehart - Zander Dovenmuehler has been a star student this month. He is a dedicated student that gets it. His daily approach to academics is super. Zander has great determination to succeed in everything he does.

Activities/Hobbies: Boxing, Wrestling, Video games.

Future Plans: Finish School
Jezzarae Dovenmuehler

Parents: Rachel and Jesse Dovenmuehler

Nominated By: Mrs. Guttormson- Jezzarae is a thoughtful, warm-hearted young person. The insight she shares in the classroom is outstanding, and I look forward to hearing what she thinks and feels about the topics we discuss. Jezzarae works hard and that work-ethic and positive energy spreads to her classmates. I can’t wait to see her wit and character continue to grow.

Activities/Hobbies Basketball, reading and hanging out with my niece, nephew and Mataya Arends.
Future Plans: Go to college far away and become a psychiatrist.
Sydney Schill

Parents: Dave and Jody Schill
Nominated by - Mrs. Guttormson-Sydney is an amazing young lady. Insightful and inquisitive, Sydney exemplifies what it means to be an engaged learner. I can always count on her to come to class prepared, with questions that provoke and encourage thought and analysis. Sydney is never satisfied with the mere minimum; instead, she aims to soak up as much of the learning experience as she can. A bright spot in my day, Sydney Schill is well-deserving of this award.

Activities/Hobbies: Babysitting, Tutoring, Keeping score at sports games, doing art, Track, Science Olympiad, shopping, Playing with my dog, etc.

Future Plans: Got to NDSU for Elementary Education, and potentially eventually going into administration.

Charlotte Johnson

Parents: Joe and Amanda Johnson

Nominated by Ms. Zentner - Charlie is an exceptional student. She is always willing to help out her fellow students, answer a tough question in class and is excited to learn more. She is a very talented actress in the one-act this year and her hard work and dedication is paying off.

Activities/Hobbies: Horseback riding, singing and acting.

Future Plans: I want to become and Art Therapist .
Andrew Job

Parents: Andy and Melissa Job

Nominated ByMr. Reese- Andrew is a very reserved individual but has a heart of gold; he is willing to do things for others and has a kind, hearted soul. He works hard to do his best during school and is ready to do extra if needed.

Activities/Hobbies Shooting guns, playing games, reading when nothing else is around.

Future Plans: Work at American Crystal Sugar where my dad works.

Taylor Thompson

Parents: Alicia Thompson

Nominated by - Mr. Reese - Taylor has come out of her shell from previous years. She is turning into a silent leader in our school; while she is not the one who is out front and leading her class, she is the one that will help other students in her class and younger to strive to do their best and become a better person. The things that I have seen her do just in the past two months of school have been remarkable.

Activities/Hobbies: I like spending time with family.

Future Plans: Want to go to college for interior design.

Hanna Magnuson

Parents: Jeremy and Janet Magnuson
Nominated By: Mrs. Guttormson-Hanna is a great young person. She is constantly challenging herself to learn and to grow, both inside and outside the classroom. Her voice is fresh and welcomed in my classroom, and she serves as a quiet mentor for the underclassmen.
Activities/Hobbies One Act, Work SADD
Future Plans: NDSU for Human Development and Family Science and Social Work.