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Baseball players leaving early for Grafton today need to get academic waiver forms signed by teachers from the classes they will miss this afternoon.

Tuesday 4/16

  1. Track Meet at Hillsboro-CANCELLED
  2. Boys golf at Kings Walk-CANCELLED
  3. Girls golf at Leonard-CANCELLED
  4. V/JV Baseball at Grafton 4:00/5:30 Leave at 1:45 from HHS-Dismiss at 1:30
  5. V/JV softball vs. EMV at Hillsboro 4:30/6:00 (Pending field conditions)
  6. JH baseball at Northern Cass- CANCELLED
  7. JH baseball practice at CV
  8. JH/HS track practice at HEC
  9. Golf practice

Wednesday 4/17

  1. HS track practice at HEC
  2. HS baseball practice at CV
  3. SB practice at SB field
  4. Golf practice

Thursday 4/18

  1. V/JV softball at Kindred 4:30/6:00
  2. V/JV baseball vs. MPCG at Hillsboro 4:00/5:30
  3. JH baseball vs. HN at Hatton 4:30
  4. Boys golf at Casselton-CANCELLED
  5. JH/HS track practice at HEC