Hey Burro Fans!  Check this out!
Hey Burro Fans! Check this out!
Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hey Burro Fans!  Don't forget some simple things to be great spectators! 

Some reminders from NDHSAA!

The State B is a very exciting time for all involved.  This can bring out the good and the bad in the basketball fan.

This is considered your fans warning:

* It is an expectation for there to be an administrator in proximity of the student sections during your game. 

* All student sections will be at opposite ends of the court - no one is on the floor.

* Signs that are directed at the other team or inappropriate will not be allowed and could result in removal.

* Shirts are required of all spectators.

* Chants directed to the other teams- especially specific players or kids will not be allowed.

* Noise makers will not be allowed — this includes wonderful things like beating a sign or stick against the floor.

* Lights - Blinking or laser-types will not be allowed.

Sportsmanship is something we take very seriously at the NDHSAA events and will address it when out of line.

NDHSAA Behavior expectation  - https://ndhsaa.com/files/NDHSAA_Behavior_Expectations.pdf

Good luck and have a great tournament!